Westsdie Dance Academy

Competition Dress Rehearsal

On January 30 we go to Waukee's High School to rehearse dances in costume. This is only effective if everyone is present. I know the older group has members who will be in Florda for dance team. So we won't have our older students' dances in the rehearsal. Check with your choreographer if you are unsure if you are to be a part of this practice. We also are wanting to have a bowling party and family potluck later that afternoon/evening.

Auditorium doors open at 8:15 and we start with Production promptly at 8:30. We have limited time to run each group so please make sure you arrive well before your scheduled time with hair, makeup and costumes on. The scheduled time is just a guideline, we may run ahead so be sure to be early.

We are unable to use the common area this year because they will decorating that area for another event. There are bathrooms and dressing rooms in the hallway that is next to auditorium. We may also use the hallway or auditorium.

Please, NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the auditorium or on stage.

Rehearsal Schedule